You’ve found it! Whether you’re a math whiz struggling to write a grammatically correct business document or a proud grammar geek eager to soak in more rules and exceptions, this is a place where the simplicities and complexities of the English language intertwine.

Sometimes we all need a quick refresher on the basic rules to maintain our reputations in a world of emailing and word processing.

But maybe you’re a creative writer searching for ways to proofread and edit the structure of your manuscript. Maybe you need to learn how to use constructive criticism to improve your manuscript. Curious about a career in copyediting?

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Online Proofreading Services


If your grammar skills are not where you want them to be or you just want to be certain your work is amazing, try an online proofreading service.



Structure Editing

Languages change


I could say ‘languages evolve’ but that suggests the changes are a result of some sort of competitive forces that result in improvements. No, not really.



Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism Checking


New technology has given the public fast convenient access to information. While this eases stressful research, it also raises the temptation of copying.