Writing a college essay is no easy task. With the standards for writing colleges essays increasing each year, students find it more and more difficult to write an adequate essay. A college essay will present the reader with a personal view of the student – honing in on a vivid experience.

A compelling essay, while written clearly and organized in the right fashion, will help ensure successful writing. Each school is a bit different. The Common Application, accepted by some 300 schools, allows for broad topic choices, while other schools opt to personalize the essay topics. Be careful when reading your topic choices, as some colleges want specific details regarding specific events or accomplishments during your high school career. Also, if you want to be sure that your essay is really good you can ask for some college assignment help online. There are so many such services on the Internet, so you need to carefully choose it, read some reviews and ratings.
What works:

  • College Application EssaysCollege Application EssaysFocus on an issue that has value to you;
  • Get to the point; and
  • Use appropriate wording and terminology.

Some “don’ts” include:

  • Don’t simply write about a topic because you know the readers are dying to hear about it;
  • Don’t overdo it; and
  • Always proofread.

Establishing the Essay Focus:

Focus on one specific topic area or issue by proving your thesis or point. The main idea needs to be clear. Readers do not want to take a fine-tip comb and riffle through an essay to discover the main point. State the point with clear conciseness. Attempt to show, don’t tell.

Write an Essay That’s Clear and Concise:

No reader wants to look at an essay with points scattered here and there, with almost no sight in end. Keep the reader engaged by getting to the point – and fast! This does not mean rush through the essay, but do not wait to state your point until the end.

Appropriate Essay Wording and Terminology:

Using cliché and ordinary (be it, boring) sayings will do nothing for your essay. This doesn’t mean go overboard with SAT words, but it means choose your words thoughtfully. Using vivid and non-specific details can hurt your essay by not providing a clear point.

Write an Essay With Creative Thoughts and New Ideas:

As said, be original – show off who you are. Most importantly, if you’re crafting an essay for a college application, do not write an essay praising the university or institution. These types of essays have been seen before and do not offer creative thought or new ideas.

Pay Attention to Essay Length:

Pay attention to the word count. Most college essays are expected to be approximately 250 to 500 words in length. If an essay is supposed to be 500 words, don’t write a 1,000-word piece. If you find yourself getting into the 1,000-word limit area, cut back and revise.

The application essay must be clear and concise. If you find yourself drifting off into space while writing your essay, that may be a sign that you’re using too many words to explain a simple thought.

The Importance of Proofreading

Always proofread your writing and ask someone else to proofread it as well. Spellcheck won’t catch word usage mistakes like “their” instead of “there.” It’s a simple concept – proofread! Ask parents or even a trusted counselor or coach to proofread the essay. It’s a great way to obtain opinions from others. They’re there to help you succeed in your college process.

Take your college essay as an opportunity to showcase who you are. Less is more – don’t be afraid to cut down on that word count! What will matter the most in the end is what you put into it. Don’t bore the reader; have fun and maybe even learn a little bit more about yourself.

Take a deep breath. College essays can be a smooth process if you do not rush. Students commonly make the mistake of telling themselves that “getting it done” is more important than creating a high-quality college admissions essay.
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