If your grammar skills are not where you want them to be or you just want to be certain your work is amazing, try an online proofreading service.

Whether you are writing a research paper that will determine if you can graduate with your PhD or simply writing an email to your boss with some important information, proper spelling and grammar are crucial in any document. In a perfect world, we would always remember the difference between where and when, and when to use a semi-colon versus a colon, but sometimes it can get confusing and messed up and over our heads. That’s where online proofreading services come in handy.

What is an online proofreading service?

Online Proofreading Services

An online proofreading service is a service at your fingertips, designed to help you achieve the perfect grammatical piece of work. It’s like having your own personal copy editor right at your side. Professional proofreaders and copy editors will comb your piece to ensure you have completed a task well done and remove as many errors as they possibly can.

What are some recommended online proofreading services?

The Proofreaders is a father/daughter duo who noticed a lot of grammar errors in their everyday lives, whether it be a sign or a billboard, a textbook or a menu! They decided to team up and create an editing service to help people avoid these common mistakes. Their rate comes in at about 12 cents a word or $13 a page and they try and have work edited within 24 hours.

Proofreading Pal is made up of a group of professional proofreaders and editors who have years of experience, many with master’s degrees. Every document submitted to ProofreadingPal gets looked at by two different proofreaders, and they have proofreaders available 24/7. They have a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee, and their rate is based on how much time you give them to edit. If you need the document within 48 hours, it will cost .024 cents a word. Within 24 hours is .033 cents a word. !0 hours costs you .041 cents a word, 6 hours costs .051 cents a word and 3 hours cost you .061 cents a word.

The Draft Editor works to mimic the writer’s voice and style to maintain their individuality in the document. They have worked on pieces from authors, publishers, post graduate students and professors, to name a few. They offer a free sample edit so you can evaluate their work. They have several different levels of editing. Basic Proofreading is 2.1 cents a word. A complete edit will cost 3.1 cents a word, and if you want the additional comments it comes in at 4.1 cents a word. They also offer manuscript critique and formatting and layout for 1.5 cents a word, as well as verification of citation sources at $5 a source.

Do I need an online proofreading service?

A dictionary and grammar guide is usually enough to get through basic everyday life, but when you’re dealing with a huge assignment, an online proofreading service can be a big help. Our eyes tend to miss simple mistakes, and looking at our own work gives us a cloudy perspective. An editor can approach the piece with a clear, open mind and be more objective. An online proofreading services helps give you the peace of mind that your work is top notch.